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Common Questions and Answers

Is free wi-fi provided at the Slipper Island Resort?
Slipper Island Resort does have Wi-Fi, but management rely on the limited data supply for management and monitoring of the solar, generator, security and communications all associated with off grid resources for the Resort. Unfortunately, you will need to use your own data.

Are there any restaurants café or shops on the at Slipper Island Resort or anywhere on Slipper Island?
There are absolutely NO shops, stores, cafes, or restaurants at Sipper Island Resort or on Slipper Island.

Tairua is a small town on the Mainland which you may need to stop at and shop PRIOR to your ocean travel to Slipper Island Resort. Tairua has a small selection of shops available for purchasing supplies before you board the water taxi to Slipper Island. Most shops are in the Main Street of the Tairua. Supermarket, pharmacy, clothing store, butcher, bakery ,hairdresser, alcohol store, health store ,café, petrol station ,bookshop, takeaway shop. There is a dive and fishing shop and a little café at the Tairua Marina. Please check each store for their opening and closing hours and they may be closed on set days. Please allow extra time for shopping. Should you require specific items please shop before you arrive in Tairua to avoid disappointment.

Are there barbeques at the Resort?
Yes, each unit has their own Lidded Barbeque plus a gas bottle attached.

Do the Chalets have a kitchen and fridge?

Our Chalets have kitchens and fridges with a BBQ outside on the deck.

Does the units have Air Conditioning?

Is there a restaurant or bar on the island? Do I need to cook myself?

All our accommodation is self catering - there are no restaurants or shops on the island, so you will need to bring all your food and drinks with you.

What facilities do the Glamping and Safari tents have?

Safari and Glamping tents have covered kitchenettes that are self-contained. They are built onto the front deck of each tent . They contain a microwave, a 1-meter-high fridge with a freezer compartment. Kitchen cupboards and sink. Hot and cold water. 

Dishwashing liquid, tea towels and dishcloth. Kettle and toaster. Tea, coffee, uht milk, sugar sachets, salt and pepper sachets, cups, glasses, plates, cutlery, pots, bowls. The kitchenettes have doors enclosing the kitchen. The lidded BBQ is on the deck of each tent.

The bathroom situated within the tent contains a Flush toilet, hand basin and shower. Hot and cold water.

Each tent has electric power and lighting.

Can I bring my dog /cat /pet with me on vacation to Slipper Island Resort?

Where is the best/safest place to swim?

Just outside your doorstep, Home Bay is the perfect place to swim, kayak or snorkel.

Can I hire or use any aquatic equipment at Slipper Island Resort?
Aquatic equipment - rods ,bait, tackle, dive , tanks, or snorkelling equipment, wetsuit or spring suits are not supplied or sold at Slipper Island Resort due to hygiene, fitment, damage replacement costs, breakages and individuals aquatic limitations or experience. Dutchy's Dive and Fishing Supply Shop is located at the Tairua Marina and sells a large range of aquatic/fishing gear and equipment for all aquatic sales. Alternatively, you can bring you own, or source from the location you are travelling from.

The Resort has 2 x SUP boards + 4 Kayaks, life jackets , paddles which are free for guests to use and share with other guests during your vacation at the Island.

As a checked in guest - How do I travel to focal points on Slipper Island once I have checked in at the Resort?
All checked in guests can walk to their points of interest on Slipper Island providing they are on WMW Slipper Island Resort property. There are no footpaths on the Island. There is no vehicle transport available.. Other private resident properties on Slipper Island are strictly no assess.

Are there security cameras at the resort?

We have a number of security cameras at the resort, these are all on the lodge and there is one at the wharf in Home Bay.

Can I use the wharf at Home Bay for tying up my boat or swimming off if I am not a checked in guest?

Can I use a drone at Slipper Island?
Drones are permitted. Please do not encroach onto private properties or use them as an upsetting method of any person's personal space and privacy. Do not use drones to frighten animals. Drones are not permitted to be used if our airfield is actively operating, or neighbouring properties are expecting helicopter arrival or departures.

Day Trippers. Can the public visit Slipper Island?
WMW Slipper Island Ltd is privately owned.
South Bay Camp is now closed for farm use only , strictly not entry or camping.

  • The public only have access to the beaches and can’t enter above the mean high water mark.
  • Public cannot walk-through privately-owned property, accommodation complex, farmland, roads farm paddocks, headlands, or Pa sites to gain access to the more secluded bays or viewpoints.
  • South Bay campground is managed by WMW Slipper Island Ltd and is not accessible to the public unless they have made prior reservations.
  • The use of either wharf is restricted to Island residents or guests only.
  • Open fires are not to be lit on the beaches.
  • Slipper Island sea vessels are not available for day trippers.
  • Public can visit the beach at Slipper Island , bear in mind there are no public facilities available.
  • Please visit TCDC website for dog restrictions on the beach. Dogs/public are NOT PERMITTED to enter farmland. Keep your dog on a lead.
  • Do not litter. Take your rubbish with you when you leave.

I am a day tripper and have arrived at the beach at Slipper  but now I want to enter the property look at the venue and accommodation without prior arrangement?
STRICTLY NO – Do not enter the property above the beach without a prior appointment.

How do I look at the complex prior to securing a reservation?
Please email to make an appointment. Assess will be declined without prior notification and a confirmed viewing appointment.

Who owns and operates South Bay Campground?

South Bay Camp is now closed for farm use only , strictly not entry or camping.

WMW Slipper Island Limited /Slipper Island Resort owns and manages all reservations at South Bay Campground.
All communication for the campground is corresponded and booked though this email address:

Are Weddings permitted at Slipper Island Resort?
The logistics for the Bridal party to rent WMW Slipper Island Ltd for Weddings is no longer offered for the following factors. Sea conditions , weather conditions and remote location are the main stress factors involved for Weddings at Slipper Island.

Slipper Island is an Isolated location. The Resort can accommodate limited guest at the Resort. Sea transfers - legal restrictions. Commercial Sea Vessel Transportation for the boat and the barge under strict time limitations to cross the harbour entrance and ocean safely to ensure family, guests’ caterers, minister ,makeup artists, photographers, sound systems, florist, transportation of marque for assembly and disassembly, transport food and beverages and furniture arrive safely.

There are days when the sea is unpassable. There are no shops or restaurants at Slipper Island. Limited time to choose another venue if your wedding is cancelled at the Resort due to dangerous sea conditions. No unique Honeymoon room for the Wedding couple.

Does Slipper Island have Defibrillators?
Slipper Island has 2 active defibrillators on the Island. Please download the AED app.

General Cancellation Policy:

  • Bookings cancelled up to 28 days of the day of arrival are not subject to a cancellation fee and receive a full refund.
  • Bookings cancelled up to 14 days of the day of arrival are subject to a cancellation fee of one night’s accommodation.
  • Bookings cancelled within 14 days of the day of arrival will be charged the full amount.
  • Bookings cancelled due to being unable to transport you to the island, due to weather will receive a full refund.
  • Reservation dates can be changed up to 14 days of the day of check in but changing dates are subject to availability and rate change during peak periods.
  • In the case of a no-show, the full amount will be charged for each room booked.

Do you have a Covid 19 Policy?

All guests are advised to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health in relation to COVID, which is to stay at home if they are feeling unwell or displaying the symptoms of the virus.
Maintain physical distancing.
Wash or sanitize your hands regularly.
Our housekeeping team uses industrial disinfectant sprays, sanitisers.

For reservations that cannot proceed due to NZ Government Protection Framework:

If there is a government mandate (lockdown) preventing, you from travelling to or from your local area / region.
We will hold the monies paid towards your affected reservation in our guest account for 12 months from the date of cancellation.
Your new reservation dates will need to be within the 12 months of the date of cancellation.
Refunds for COVID-19 pandemic are no longer covered.

If you are confirmed positive with Covid-19:

All remaining monies paid towards your affected reservation are held in our guest account for 6 months from the date of cancellation.
Your new reservation dates will need to be within 6 months of the date of cancellation.
In the case of a cancellation request for Covid-19 related amendment on personal grounds, guests may be requested to provide a medical certificate to confirm the medical grounds on which the request is based.
Rebooked dates are subject to availability, tariff changes and minimum stays. If you are not able to advise your new dates within the time allocated for your cancellation, as outlined above, then your credit will be lost.
All rebooked reservations under this policy are non-refundable if cancelled again (subject to management discretion on a case-by-case basis).
Please note this policy does not cover cancelled events or any other parties in your group wanting to cancel.
Refunds for COVID-19 pandemic are no longer covered.

In the event Slipper Island Resort Host/s are confirmed positive with Covid-19 then you will get a refund for the monetary amount you have paid to Slipper Island Resort, and you can rebook the experience if you want. (Refunds can take up to 14 business days to process).

  • Personal expenses incurred- house sitting, vehicle rental ,vehicle expenses, boarding kennels, cattery, all flights, alternative accommodation, and loss of income will not be financially reimbursed by Slipper Island Resort in the event of cancellation or postponement.
  • Any other costs incurred (e.g., missed flights, additional flights ) will not be covered and we recommend you have comprehensive travel insurance .